Cowboy Blake Rides to Gwen’s Rescue

RAGING country hunk Blake Shelton rushed to help his pop-star galpal Gwen Stefani and blasted critics who claimed her concert tour opened with a thud! Burning with love for the 46-year-old blonde, the brawny country boy, 40, took to social media, posting a photo of her kickoff performance in Mansfield, Mass., showing the venue filled to capacity. The picture came with his sarcastic comment: "That’s right everybody. No matter how good your eye sight is (the Gwen Stefani) show was ‘empty’ last night."

Johnny Depp’s 95-Lb Daughter Needs Help Now!

JOHNNY Depp’s daughter Lily-Rose is wasting away, and alarmed pals fear if the 16-year-old model doesn’t start eating, she’ll destroy herself!
A weight-loss expert says the bony 5-foot-3 teen already appears to have shrunk to under 100 pounds and needs "psychological help."
Startling pictures of the skeletal high schooler in Paris have shocked her friends, who believe the aspiring model is starving herself for a modeling career. They fear she could end up wrecking her health.

Kate Saves Di’s Legacy!

FURIOUS Queen Kate saved the monarchy - and the legacy of her hubby’s beloved mother - after a shocking feud with Princess Diana’s brother! Kate declared war on William’s uncle, Earl Charles Spencer, and his third wife, former Canadian hotel receptionist Karen Gordon, when they announced plans to turn Di’s final resting place on the family estate into a cash-cow tourist attraction!

Trump vs Clinton

HOLLYWOOD has been torn apart by the presidential election as top celebrities rush to choose sides in a feverish bid to sway voters. "Tinseltown is at war," says an insider. "If you LOVE one candidate, you are sure to HATE the other.

George Bush Alzheimer’s Meltdown!

FORMER President George W. Bush’s bizarre swaying and dancing during the memorial service for the slain Dallas cops is further proof the 70-year-old ex-Commander-in-Chief is battling Alzheimer’s! While the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" played, Bush’s movements seemed to be following the song lyrics

Nasty Nick Nolte Just Weeks to Live!

WANDERING the streets dazed and in filthy clothes like a homeless wretch, former movie hunk Nick Nolte has turned into a tragic shell of himself and alarmed pals fear he’s won’t live out the month! "He’s in horrible shape," says a source. "I don’t know what’s keeping him up. His friends are worried he could easily be gone in four weeks or maybe less."